What to Look for When Choosing an IV Therapy Clinic

More and more people are turning to IV nutrition therapy as a treatment for a variety of issues. In addition to boosting a patient’s overall level of energy, IV therapy can be used to stimulate the body’s immune system, improve sports performance, provide stress relief and accelerate healing after an injury, cosmetic procedure or surgery. Indeed, the rise of IV therapy’s popularity has initiated a flood of dedicated IV therapy clinics and administration sites. Unfortunately, not all IV therapy clinics offer the same level or quality of service. Therefore, it’s important that patients choose to receive their IV treatment from one that guarantees certain key features. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing an IV therapy clinic:


IV nutrition therapy is a type of IV therapy wherein a customized selection of vitamins and minerals is delivered to a patient intravenously. A reputable IV therapy clinic will not only employ nurses who are skilled at administering liquid nutrients directly into the bloodstream, but also a physician who has experience prescribing individualized therapeutic protocols for patients. 

Specialization of Care

There are several options for receiving IV nutrition, such as in-home/mobile services, outpatient infusion centers and hospitals. However, we here at The Institute of Natural Health believe that a professional clinic that specializes in IV and other natural health services is the only one that is best equipped to provide truly personalized care. Unlike hospitals and other infusion centers, which must cater to a variety of patient needs and, thus, are unable to provide focused, individualized healthcare management, a functional medicine clinic offers fully integrated and collaborative care, maximizing the potential for favorable treatment outcomes.


Also unlike other types of infusion centers, a clinic that specializes in IV therapy and other natural health services provides patients with a comprehensive healthcare experience. Thus, instead of having to travel to several locations to receive a full scope of care, patients need only visit one. The convenience of offering testing, diagnostic and treatment services in one location means patients are able to achieve optimal wellness with a lot less hassle.

Personalization of Care

Finally, patients should search for an IV therapy clinic that has the resources to collaborate directly with patients. Treatment of any issue should be centered on a close relationship between the patient and caregiver. A good IV therapy clinic knows each and every patient as a person, not just an appointment, and works to provide customized care, not just a service.

The Institute of Natural Health Advantage

To learn more about the benefits of collaborating with a specialty IV therapy clinic to improve your or a loved one’s health and well-being, please contact The Institute of Natural Health.

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