What is IV Nutrition Therapy

This past year’s COVID pandemic has highlighted the importance of proper health maintenance. Unknown factors contributing to the novel coronavirus’s rate of infection coupled with only partial understanding of its varying levels of potency mean physicians and the public alike continue to explore multiple prevention and treatment options to help control transmission, as well as mitigate symptoms should the disease take hold. Luckily, research shows great promise with many natural therapies designed to boost our bodies’ own ability to detoxify, repair and regenerate diseased, decayed and dead cells. Indeed, IV nutrition therapy is a possible solution to many types of mal health issues as referenced by numerous scientific studies, and our team here at The Institute of Natural Health (INHSTL) believes it offers positive therapeutic effects that could improve almost anyone’s overall health by increasing energy and sense of well-being; improving sports performance; reducing stress; and enhancing natural immune processes, thus, potentially lessening the effects of the infectious diseases like the flu and even COVID-19! Here’s a quick summary of IV nutrition therapy:

What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

IV nutrition therapy is the intravenous delivery of nutrients to a patient. Using an IV line inserted directly into a patient’s vein, doctors administer a customized mixture of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Research shows that by receiving vital nutrients, the body is able to initiate improved immune function, correct deficiencies and maintain proper metabolic processes for homeostasis. Put simply, IV nutrition therapy restores what the body needs to heal itself and keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Why Use IV Nutrition Therapy Rather than Simply Eating Right or Taking Oral Vitamins?

Intravenous nutrient infusion ensures 100% absorption of vital vitamins and minerals in much larger doses than oral delivery. Therefore, when compared to the 10% absorption offered by oral delivery, you can see why IV nutrition therapy is able to provide more usable nutrients in less time and with more potency. 

Is IV Nutrition Therapy Safe?

Yes! At the Institute of Natural Health, we use water-soluble vitamins and nutrients in our infusions. We also ensure that Vitamin B6 (the only vitamin which could be potentially problematic for some when delivered in excess) is administered in only the least amount needed for each specific patient. Using these precautions, and because the body simply excretes the nutrients it receives in excess and/or does not need, the infusions given here at INHSTL are 100% safe. If it is determined that a patient could benefit from non-water soluble nutrients, we conduct additional tests to determine the best form of alternative administration (such as intramuscular or oral) so that just the right combination and volume of nutrients is included for optimal and safe results.

Ready to Learn More?

These are crazy times, and even if you’re fully vaccinated and no longer as worried about the present pandemic, there are natural options for boosting your immune system that can help protect you against many remaining health issues and make you feel more alert and more healthy. To learn more about IV nutrition therapy, as well as other natural health services that test, diagnose, treat and improve a vast range of health conditions, please contact our team of professional clinicians today.



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