What To Expect After Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is becoming more and more common as a non-invasive treatment for pain management. You might wonder what cryotherapy consists of and what to expect after cryotherapy, and we hope to touch on some of those curiosities you may have. If you are looking for a non-aggressive and easy option to treat pain from ailments such as joint disorders all the way to athletic injuries and arthritis, cryotherapy may be just right for you. 

First Thing’s First: What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is exposure to extreme cold temperatures for a short amount of time to reduce pain anywhere in the body apart from the head. To do this, cryotherapy uses nitrogen which produces a rapid temperature drop while you sit in a cryo “tank” or “chamber.” You will be exposed to these cold temps for a mere 3 minutes, but the benefits are long-lasting. Chronic pain causes a decrease in epinephrine which is vital to help manage pain, and cryotherapy works to combat that by causing epinephrine to rush back into your system after exposure to the cold temperature. Think of using an ice pack to reduce swelling or help with pain, but amplify that feeling! 

What to Expect After Cryotherapy

What to expect after cryotherapy is another important element to understand about this natural, healing treatment. Just one of the many benefits of cryotherapy is that you start to feel the healing effects immediately after your treatment. While your body starts to return to normal, there is a hormonal change that causes you to feel more energetic and pain-free almost immediately. This hormonal shift is your amygdala (the body’s “fight or flight” system) responding to the cold temperatures. Essentially, your body is healing itself! 

Side Effects After Cryotherapy

Not surprisingly, there aren’t many negative side effects after cryotherapy. What you can mainly expect after cryotherapy is relief from pain! However, those who are claustrophobic may experience a bout of anxiety that may have them feeling tense before, during, or after their session. There is also a rare chance that blood pressure may cause an issue, but that is why it’s important to have cryotherapy at a professional establishment like The Institute of Natural Health to ensure you are receiving this treatment in the safest manner possible.

Is Cryotherapy For You?

Cryotherapy is taking the world by storm as a natural treatment for pain. Yet, that is not all cryotherapy offers. Cryotherapy treatment has the potential to decrease fatigue, weight, inflammation, chronic pain syndrome, anxiety, depression, and so much more. If you are looking for a natural treatment option for your pain, to help guide you in weight loss, or to alleviate some mental health ailments, cryotherapy may be right for you. While there is still research being done on all of the effects of cryotherapy, take a look at some of our client’s testimonials about how it has had a tremendous positive impact on their life.

Want to Know More?

If you think cryotherapy may be able to help change your life, schedule a consult with us at The Institute of Natural Health. We are the experts when it comes to cryotherapy, and we want to ensure you are in the best hands. Call us today at (314) 208-2874 for any other questions, and we will be happy to help!




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