Guidelines for Submitting Medical Records

If you have medical records for us to review, please submit them to our office at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.  You can bring your medical records to our office in person, mailed, emailed, or they can be faxed from your provider.  Please note that we do not accept faxes of more than twenty pages.

Here is a list of medical records that would be helpful for us:

  • Most recent medical summary from your latest medical provider(s). This may include specialists you have seen for pertinent evaluations.  (Please do not send a series of medical office notes.  An overview/summary describing most recent findings would be very valuable.)
  • Recent lab results from the past six months.
  • Other medical test summaries from the past year.
  • Medical records summary from your provider that reflects a significant medical/surgical event that may have triggered a change in your status.
  • Summary of current (past six months) treatment regimens/therapies.
  • Genetic testing results.
  • Recent functional medicine test results (within the past one year).
  • Mental health/psychiatric summary.

Items we ask that you DO NOT send:

  • Notes from routine medical office visits.
  • Routine exam notes (this includes immunizations (unless you feel a particular immunization was a cause or trigger for your health problems), routine physical exams, etc.).
  • Lab results that are over a year old.
  • Diagnostic testing imaging films or disks.

**While we recognize that everyone is unique in the journey that has brought them to us, so can this apply to the information that may be pertinent.  Please remember, more is not always better.  However, if there is something not included on the above list that you feel is relevant to your care with us and should be included, please call or email us to find out if it is something that would be beneficial to send.