What to Do Before Microneedling

Microneedling is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in clinics around the world, with thousands of people opting to undergo this minimally invasive procedure to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and more. In addition to undergoing this procedure for aesthetic purposes, microneedling can also aid in the treatment of medical conditions such as alopecia and hyperhidrosis. 

Although microneedling is a simple and safe minimally invasive procedure, it is important to take precautions ahead of the treatment in order to protect your skin from damage. 

Wondering what to do before microneedling to prepare for the procedure? Here are some guidelines from our experts. 

Avoid Sun Exposure

In the 24 hours leading up to your microneedling appointment, you should avoid direct exposure to the sun. Prolonged, direct exposure to UV rays (including both natural UV rays from the sun and harmful rays from tanning beds) can result in skin irritation during or after your treatment. If you need to go outside prior to your appointment, be sure to wear products containing SPF. 

Use Safe Skincare

Ahead of your microneedling appointment, it might be necessary to take a break from using certain skincare products that contain potentially harmful ingredients. Retinoids and other acid-based products (such as those containing azelaic acid, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid, all commonly found in many acne treatments) can put your skin at risk for irritation and damage as a result of microneedling. These products should not be used immediately before or after a microneedle treatment. 

Stop Blood Thinners 

If you are currently taking blood-thinning medication, it might be necessary to temporarily stop using the medication in the days leading up to your appointment. This includes the use of over the counter pain medications that act as blood thinners, such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Microneedling does not cause bleeding in most patients, but in the rare event that bleeding occurs, patients who are currently taking blood thinners are at a higher risk of bruising. 

Arrive With a Fresh Face

On the day of your microneedling appointment, it is important to avoid using any skincare products such as serums, thick moisturizers, fragrances, or makeup. Washing your face with a gentle, fragrance free cleanser is suitable on the day of your appointment.

Following proper precautions and preparing your skin accordingly ahead of a microneedling appointment can ensure that you get the best results from the treatment, which can leave your skin looking younger, clearer, and all around healthier. 

At the Institute of Natural Health, we offer MicroNeedling with SkinPen – the first and only FDA approved MicroNeedling device on the market designed to help you naturally achieve radiant, youthful skin. SkinPen is a precision system that has undergone rigorous testing and met high quality and efficacy standards, setting it apart from all other MicroNeedling devices on the market. This makes SkinPen MicroNeedling the best, cleanest, safest, and most effective MicroNeedling option available. 

This treatment has been clinically proven to:

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  • treat stretch marks, large pores, crepe skin, and lax skin
  • correct sun damage, brown spots, age spots, and uneven skin tone
  • improve the overall quality and radiance of your complexion

To learn more about what to do before microneedling treatments and whether or not they are right for you, contact the Institute of Natural Health today.


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