Two Up and Coming Trends in Magnet Pulse Therapy

Energy is all around us. It’s also inside us. Our cells harness it and use it to ensure that our bodies function properly and survive. It works like this: nutrients from food, water,  and sunlight supply cells with energy, which they then use to perform various tasks, such as multiplying and repairing themselves, making new molecules and removing waste. When energy stores are plentiful and flowing normally throughout the body, our tissues and organs are able to work as needed. However, when there isn’t enough energy (perhaps because its energy sources have dwindled), the body is unable to adequately perform essential tasks, causing us to become weak and even sick and diseased. Enter magnet pulse therapy

Magnets are naturally able to increase energy, escalating the movement of ions and electrolytes so that cells become charged by up to 500%! Indeed, research indicates that magnets can be used to create magnetic fields that, when pulsed through the body, naturally improve cellular metabolism, facilitating better healing and, thus, better health. Take a look at some of the trends we’re seeing with magnet pulse therapy:

Magnet Pulse Therapy is Becoming More Mainstream

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is FDA-approved to fuse bones and is also commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation and stress; enhance muscle function; improve blood oxygenation; and more! Continuing research is demonstrating the therapeutic effects of magnet pulse therapy, ensuring that more and more physicians are offering it as an effective treatment option for their patients.

Magnet Pulse Therapy is Being Used to Treat a Wider Variety of Conditions

Because physicians in many separate fields are following the literature, they are seeing the benefit of pulsing electromagnetic fields through patients. Thus, they are moving beyond a specific type of electromagnetic therapy called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) (used to treat depression) and also including magnet pulse therapy as a treatment option for a variety of other conditions, like arthritis, swelling, immune disorders, lethargy and poor circulation.

Want to Learn More?

Magnet pulse therapy is a safe and science-backed option for treating a wide range of health issues. To learn more about the procedure, including its pros and cons, as well as its potential to effectively address your own health conditions, please contact our clinicians at The Institute of Natural Health. We will review your history and talk to you to determine if magnet pulse therapy could be a viable option for you. In addition, we can assess whether or not any of our other functional medicine health services could enhance your treatment and improve your chances for lasting well-being.


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