Tom’s Story: A Heart Felt Success

Written for The Healthy Planet by TJ Williams, DC, PhD

February is National Heart Health month. I would like to share a heart health story with you. This is the story of Tom.

Tom initially came to see us because he was concerned about his weight. His goals were to “lose weight” and “stop heart disease before it starts.” While we too were concerned about his weight, after our consultation and examination, we suspected that he may already have heart disease.

Clinical experience has shown us that when people are overweight, there are often underlying health problems. Research indicates that people who are overweight are at increased risk of heart disease. His blood work revealed that his cholesterol numbers were not good, his inflammatory markers for heart disease were high, and his vitamin D level was very low. All of these markers increase the risk of heart disease. In short, Tom’s numbers revealed that he was literally a heart attack waiting to happen and he did not even know it.

Like we do with every patient, we presented Tom with the information. We listed his options and we let him decide what he wanted to do. Tom decided that he wanted to take control of his health and, if possible, he wanted to do it naturally with no medications.

We employed several tools to combat his condition. We advised him to consume a Paleolithic style diet. He also took some very specific targeted oral nutrition aimed to help his body heal itself, and he continued his exercise regimen of lifting weights several days per week.

At his 3-month follow-up visit, his blood labs revealed that his total cholesterol dropped 33 points (19% decrease), his triglycerides dropped 74 points (43% decrease), his LDL cholesterol dropped 25 points (43% decrease), and his vitamin D improved 30 points (136% increase). And by the way, he lost 40 pounds.

Not only did Tom’s lab values improve drastically, he reported having more energy, getting better sleep, and having an increase in his overall sense of well-being. He looked like a brand new man and everyone noticed it.

All of this happened in 90 days. As I have stated in previous articles, one step can change the entire course of your life. I am pretty sure that Tom, like all of our patients, would agree.

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