autoimmune thyroid disorder

I had been to so many doctors that I had lost count.  I have been dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, night sweats, thinning hair, digestive issues (mostly gas, bloating, and constipation) and I have no sex drive… After some blood work, specialty testing, and a food sensitivity test he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong.  I had autoimmune thyroid disorder, a very inflamed gut with bacteria imbalance, my hormones were completely out of balance, I had several food sensitivities, and nutritionally I was pretty deficient.  But the best part was that he told me that I could be helped AND he told me how to do it… I received BioTE hormone optimization, followed my food sensitivity diet, started my personalized gut repair program, and began Ozone IVs and IV vitamins and minerals.   It has only been 4 weeks on my program and I am already sleeping better, my fatigue has improved, my digestive complaints are gone (no more gas, bloating, or constipation), AND my sex drive is back!!