autoimmune thyroid disorder

I had been to so many doctors that I had lost count.  I have been dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, night sweats, thinning hair, digestive issues (mostly gas, bloating, and constipation) and I have no sex drive… After some blood work, specialty testing, and a food sensitivity test he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong.  I had autoimmune thyroid disorder, a very inflamed gut with bacteria imbalance, my hormones were completely out of balance, I had several food sensitivities, and nutritionally I was pretty deficient.  But the best part was that he told me that I could be helped AND he told me how to do it… I received BioTE hormone optimization, followed my food sensitivity diet, started my personalized gut repair program, and began Ozone IVs and IV vitamins and minerals.   It has only been 4 weeks on my program and I am already sleeping better, my fatigue has improved, my digestive complaints are gone (no more gas, bloating, or constipation), AND my sex drive is back!!

They figured out what was wrong

After feeling run down and not getting any answers, I tried The Institute of Natural Health. They figured out what was wrong and helped me get on the path to healing.  Thank you INH!

IV Nutrition Testimonial

Getting IV nutrition at The Institute definitely helped me regain control of my health.  I feel better, look better, and have tons more energy!!!

Autoimmune Condition

My problem, diagnosed by Dr. T.J., is that I have an autoimmune disease – most likely lupus. Within six months of following his protocol and retesting, my levels of autoimmune disease decreased. After another six months and retesting my blood work showed almost no signs of the autoimmune disease present. The doctors at the Institute of Natural Health have been a tremendous influence to me in improving my health and lifestyle… I am eternally grateful for the care and concern shown to me by everyone.

Leaky Gut and Prolotherapy

I have been a patient of Dr. T.J. Williams for more than two years… I was having problems develop that my Doctors could not determine from blood tests. I had developed leaky gut. I have followed Dr. Williams supplemental and diet protocol and have improved tremendously. He is definitely on the cutting edge of the natural health field. If he does not have an immediate answer he is able to research and propose a solution… I would recommend the Institute for whatever your health concern may be. They are very caring and their expertise and contacts within natural health are a great advantage that is available to all their patients.