Marybeth Dunn

With over two decades of expertise in financial analysis, healthcare business, and project management, Marybeth is a seasoned professional in her field. Also, as the daughter of a seasoned Director of Nursing, has a wealth of experience in healthcare administration.  She has obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Niagara University.  She has a caring commitment to patient care and staff.


Marybeth grew up at the Jersey Shore, relocating in 2008 to the STL area where she lives with her son and daughter.  She has a passion for the pillars of functional medicine. This is reflected in her commitment to bettering her family’s health and well-being while striving for a toxin-free home.  Marybeth and her family love being outdoors, exploring and watching sunsets.  A few of her favorite self-care activities are cooking, spending time with my friends and family, working on the family cattle farm, and traveling (especially when it includes beach yoga).