Lauren Rieger

Lauren is the welcoming face of the Institute of Natural Health, serving as the front desk receptionist. She expertly manages the daily operations of the front end, including answering phones, scheduling appointments, ensuring patient paperwork is complete and up-to-date, checking patients in and out, and relaying information to the providers on staff. With a strong background in customer service, Lauren is dedicated to making each patient’s experience friendly, comfortable, and seamless.

Lauren transitioned from retail to the healthcare sector, inspired by her best friend Hannah, who also works at the Institute. Her interest in functional medicine grew from personal experiences with her son’s healthcare needs and her desire to explore alternatives to conventional medicine.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys shopping, attending St. Louis Cardinals baseball games, and spending time with her husband Kyle, son Archie, family, and friends. She is passionate about self-care activities such as reading, taking walks, visiting new places, and discovering wineries and restaurants.

Lauren embodies the principles of the Institute of Natural Health by taking supplements, incorporating healthy foods into her diet, staying informed with the clinic’s updates, and maintaining an open and helpful approach to patient interactions.