Kate Rose, RN, BSN, NTC

Kate is a dedicated advocate for educating individuals on the healing potential of nutrition. She holds roles as a Registered Nurse, Nutritional Therapy Consultant, and Institute of Functional Medicine Health Coach, collaborating with practitioners dedicated to patient health restoration through dietary adjustments, vitamin IVs, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, bioidentical hormones, and blood work balance.

Her extensive experience in the Intensive Care Unit spanning over a decade has significantly influenced her perspective on conventional medicine and the importance of taking charge of one’s health. As she deepened her knowledge and transitioned to a whole-food diet, Kate witnessed the transformative power of nutrition firsthand. Her mission is to demonstrate that self-healing through food, lifestyle choices, and appropriate supplementation is achievable. She places a strong emphasis on supporting digestion and liver health to restore balance in a toxin-laden world. Kate equips individuals with the tools to pursue their health goals while maintaining a harmonious life.

Beyond her passion for nutrition advocacy, Kate finds fulfillment in her spiritual connection, nature, music, savoring delicious cuisine, and creating cherished memories with loved ones.