Hannah King

Hannah is a vital member of the administration team at the Institute of Natural Health. She oversees back-of-house operations, including managing patient payments, generating invoices for services, auditing patient charts, educating patients on testing, and assisting the front desk staff. With her extensive experience in management and event coordination, Hannah ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the clinic behind the scenes.

Although Hannah did not initially seek a career in functional medicine, she has grown to appreciate its preventative approach and the emphasis on truly listening to patients. She values the opportunity to be part of a team that focuses on preventing health issues rather than merely treating them after they arise.

In her free time, Hannah enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family. She is committed to self-care by listening to her body, addressing issues promptly, and taking a proactive approach to her health to ensure a better future.

Hannah’s dedication to the principles of functional medicine and her meticulous approach to administrative tasks make her an invaluable asset to the Institute of Natural Health.