Erin Britton, RN

Erin is a Registered Nurse with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She completed her schooling in Springfield Missouri at Cox College School of Nursing. Erin operates the IV room administering intravenous vitamins and minerals and drawing labs. Erin has furthered her education in functional medicine and is certified by The Integrative Health Practitioner program as a level one health coach. Erin doesn’t just assist our patients by administering infusions, but goes above and beyond for our patients answering their questions and concerns. Before joining the team at The Institute, Erin was a cardiothoracic stepdown nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital and an orthopedic nurse at Missouri Baptist Medical Center for a total of four years of experience. In her free time Erin enjoys being outdoors in nature, working out, trying new healthy recipes, spending time with her niece, and traveling to exciting new places.