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As a natural healthcare provider, the Institute of Natural Health is dedicated to remaining fully informed of the scientific evidence for the efficacy of the services we provide; not only do we want to ensure that our patients receive safe and beneficial treatments, we want to make certain that we have research-based data to share so that our patients become active participants in their own journey to optimal health and well-being. Our work here is collaborative, after all, depending on a range of natural solutions that science validates, as well as the relationship of trust that develops from transparency and honesty between us and the people we aim to treat. Take a look at some of the natural health resources we love so that you can become more fully aware of the science behind some of the testing, diagnostic, and treatment services we provide:


Evidence for Proliferative Therapies

The Institute of Natural Health offers a type of proliferative therapy, called Prolozone®, as a way to treat some musculoskeletal injuries and various degenerative conditions resulting in chronic pain. Put simply, prolotherapy is a series of injections that aim to stimulate the regeneration of healthy tissue. This article, published in the New York Times, provides basic information regarding the science behind proliferative therapy (also called prolotherapy) and is a good starting point for understanding how injections can work to initiate a natural healing process; this article gives more specific information regarding Prolozone®.

Some additional scholarly evidence for proliferative therapies in general include the following studies and case reports:

Finally, this article, in particular, coalesces results from multiple sources and can serve as a comprehensive natural health resource in one single document.


Evidence for Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

Intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy is a treatment procedure offered here at the Institute of Natural Health that delivers vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Research indicates that administering nutrients via IV push increases their serum concentration and is often more effective than oral or intramuscular nutrient administration since a higher serum concentration can improve a nutrient’s therapeutic effect. This webpage is a great natural health resource, with background information about the Myer’s Cocktail (the original IV nutrient protocol developed by Dr. John Myers to treat chronic problems such as fatigue, depression, stress and hormone imbalances), as well as additional studies confirming the (IV) use of nutrients to alleviate the symptoms of inflammation and disease. Another great natural health resource is this report posted on the website of the American Academy/Association of Orthopedic Medicine, a group of the world’s leading authorities “on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases and interventional pain management.” 


Want More Information?

Of course, these are only a sample of the thousands of research studies that have been carried out while investigating natural health treatment options. Our clinicians and physicians make a point to stay abreast of developing research and even contribute to the growing literature affecting natural healthcare protocols. We can help educate you on the various benefits of a functional medicine approach so that you have the tools you need to make informed decisions regarding your own well-being. Please contact us today.


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