4 Signs You Should Try IV Nutrition Therapy

There’s no single answer for achieving maximum wellness. Of course, eating well and exercising are great places to start, but all of us need additional support at certain points in our lives. In many instances, the right combination of nutrients can kick the body into improving — even healing — itself. The procedure is called IV nutrition therapy; based on a patient’s individual needs, a doctor intravenously administers a customized mixture of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients into his or her vein. Here are four signs that might indicate you could benefit from IV nutrition therapy:

You’re Tired

We all get tired, but if you find yourself easily fatigued, mentally worn out with stress and/or often sick with colds, allergies, or other infections, you might need to replenish certain nutrients in your body through IV nutrition therapy. This is because our health balances in an organized system, with specific nutrients needed in specific quantities to ensure that our cells have what they need to grow and repair themselves. If any portion of just one vital nutrient is missing, even eating the right foods or doing the right exercises won’t be enough to fully compensate for the deficit. IV nutrition therapy is a good way to quickly introduce missing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients so that you are able to restore energy and get your body back to working at full capacity.

You’re Sick

Of course, when you’re noticeably sick with a disease or injury, your body might need additional help to fight the problem and/or avoid additional ones. In these cases, IV nutrition therapy can provide the body with valuable nutrients specifically chosen to bolster the immune system, alleviate inflammation, regenerate cells and combat disease, allowing you to feel better sooner.

You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy stresses a woman’s body. Levels of important vitamins and minerals can decrease as gestation continues, with the developing baby taking what it needs from the mother to develop and grow. Furthermore, most pregnant women see an increase in the volume of plasma in their blood as their pregnancy advances, which can lessen the overall concentration of vitamin B-12 in their bodies. IV nutrition is oftentimes a beneficial treatment for women both during and following pregnancy.

You’re Scheduled for a Cosmetic Procedure

If you are scheduled to undergo a MedSpa treatment such as a Dermaplane procedure, HydraFacial, chemical peel or microneedling, an IV nutrition drip can be used to administer an antioxidant concoction that could enhance your skin’s texture and its ability to regenerate cells so that any procedure you undergo renders the most positive results.

Want to Learn More?

These are just a few signs that IV nutrition therapy could be beneficial in your own life. As mentioned, patients have unique issues and histories that make some treatments more appropriate than others. Partnering with a trusted clinician is the best way to fully understand your own body’s needs and the treatments that might best address them. To learn more about IV nutrition therapy and the other services we offer, please contact our team of experts here at the Institute of Natural Health.


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