How Does Drip Therapy Work?

Intravenous drip therapy is gaining popularity within the health and wellness arena as more and more people are realizing the power it has to potentially alleviate the effects of stress, fatigue, dehydration, nutritional imbalances and more! If you’ve been wondering how drip therapy works and whether or not it could enhance your own physical fitness, keep reading. Our team of clinicians at The Institute of Natural Health (INHSTL) believes IV drip therapy can improve the general well-being of patients with a wide range of conditions. Here’s what you need to know:

How Drip Therapy Works

IV drip therapy works by delivering a customized mixture of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients and/or therapeutic agents directly into the bloodstream. Using a needle, a medical professional inserts a small catheter into the patient’s vein. The catheter is attached (via tubing) to a bag suspended above the patient’s head, where gravity works to slowly “drip” the contents of the bag into his or her vein. This method delivers nutrients in greater therapeutic pharmacological doses than the minimum amount suggested by the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). It is believed that many people have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that cause and prolong ill health. By restoring those shortages to optimal levels via IV drip therapy, the body’s cells are able to do what they do best: detoxify, repair and regenerate themselves so that proper physical functioning occurs and ill health is reversed.

Drip Therapy is Safe

The majority of the vitamins and nutrients used in an IV drip infusion are water-soluble, meaning the body can easily excrete them when/if they are not needed. Thus, there is no risk of overdosing. And should a patient need to receive a vitamin or nutrient that is not water-soluble or that cannot be administered intravenously, our team of doctors here at INHSTL consider alternative forms of its administration, initiating a course of rigorous testing to determine the exact dosage and whether intramuscular injection or oral administration of that dosage will be used instead of drip therapy.

Drip Therapy Works for All Kinds of Conditions

A lot of people do not have the vitamins and nutrients their bodies need to function properly. We don’t eat the right foods in the correct amounts; we take medicines that block nutrient absorption; we don’t get enough sun; sometimes we’re just born with a genetic predisposition that makes it hard for the body to process or store the nutrients it needs. To reinstate normal bodily function and restore health, missing nutrients have to be replaced. IV drip therapy is the best choice for getting these vital nutrients back into the body because 100% of the nutrients introduced to the body during IV drip therapy is absorbed (compared to the approximately 10% that is absorbed when taken by mouth)! Once the body has an adequate amount of nutrients, cells work properly, fortifying the immune system and increasing energy so that good health returns.

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about how drip therapy works and whether it could improve your own health, please contact our team of clinicians at The Institute of Natural Health. 

In addition, a review of IV drip therapy can be found here, and info regarding our practice, as well as answers to common questions we receive, can be found here.



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