How Can Magnet Pulse Therapy Help You?

Magnet Pulse Therapy has been shown to produce many important health benefits for patients. Also called Pulsed Magnetic Therapy or PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy, this procedure helps restore cellular function to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. It is commonly used to reduce pain and swelling, promote healing in tendons and bones, and improve range of motion. For more information, here is a closer look at how magnet pulse therapy works and how it could help you:

How Does Magnet Pulse Therapy Work?

Magnetic Pulse Therapy works by sending magnetic energy into the body to encourage healing and decrease inflammation. Magnetic fields influence the motion of ions and electrolytes in cells and tissues, which in turn stimulates chemical and electrical reactions throughout the body. During PEMF Therapy, a pulsed electromagnetic field penetrates the body to encourage the movement of cells, which in turn leads to improved circulation and cell metabolism. Essentially, PEMF Therapy heals the body at the cellular level by restoring cellular function. 

You have likely encountered man-made electromagnetic fields before, such as those produced by power lines, microwave ovens, and cell phones. Although based on a similar principle, PEMF devices use a safe and lower-frequency electromagnetic field that is complementary to the body. Most PEMF devices use an extremely low frequency (ELF) or very low frequency (VLF), which do not induce heating. These low frequencies are ignored by healthy cells because they can only store a limited amount of energy. Therefore, only unhealthy cells will use the extra energy provided by PEMF, so it is impossible to “overdose” from these low frequency and low intensity magnetic fields.

Benefits of Magnet Pulse Therapy

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy has many benefits, but the most common health improvements include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Enhanced muscle function
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Stress reduction
  • Bone healing
  • Blood oxygenation

This procedure is a form of Functional Medicine, which addresses the underlying causes of a condition with a patient-centered and individualized approach. By improving cellular function, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy can make a huge improvement in overall bodily functioning and symptom relief. However, PEMF Therapy is not intended to cure any disease; it is designed to improve pain and symptom management. 

Is Magnet Pulse Therapy Right for Me?

As mentioned previously, PEMF Therapy is best for symptom relief, not completely eliminating any disease or medical condition. However, it is very beneficial for slowing the development of arthritis and reducing arthritis symptoms, reducing blood pressure, helping nerve and liver function, and improving sleep. Magnet Pulse Therapy also aids in healing tissues, bones, and ligaments for tears, breaks, or acute injuries. It can also be safely combined with most other natural health services. It is recommended to speak with your doctor to see if Pulsed Magnetic Therapy is right for you.

Want to Learn More?

If you have been suffering from poor circulation, arthritis, or one of the other conditions mentioned above, then contacting the experts at The Institute of Natural Health can help. In addition to Pulsed Magnetic Therapy, we also offer natural health services, medical spa treatments, IV nutrition therapy, and more. Reach out to us today!


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