3 Dermaplaning Benefits for Your Skin

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that uses a scalpel or dermatome (a hand-held instrument with an oscillating blade) to resurface the skin. While it might appear to be no different than shaving, dermaplaning actually removes dead skin cells and other debris along with fine hairs, leaving you with smoother, more vibrant — in addition to hair-free — skin! Here are three of the top dermaplaning benefits that make this type of cosmetic procedure worth it:

Removal of Vellus Hair

Vellus hair is the thin, wispy hair that grows all over the body. It’s also called “peach fuzz,” and while completely normal for all humans to have it, it can be a nuisance, especially for women who often feel self-conscious when they notice it on the face. One of the most evident dermaplaning benefits, then, is the removal of unwanted hair. Dermaplaning essentially shaves off all hair from the skin’s surface. But unlike the results you might get with a razor, the medical blade used for dermaplaning allows a professional to remove hair as close to the skin as possible and with the least amount of irritation. Therefore, the underlying skin is smoother and less inflamed; skin appears brighter and more even-toned; and, when dermaplaning is applied to the face, makeup goes on more evenly — an added bonus for those who wear cosmetics!

Minimization of Pores

Dermaplaning uses a small blade to exfoliate the skin. It gently scrapes away the top layer of skin, sloughing off dead skin cells but also removing the oil, sweat and dirt that frequently clog pores and make them appear larger than normal. Once cleaned of this debris, pores become less noticeable.

Reduction in the Appearance of Dark Spots, Wrinkles and Scars

Dermaplaning also encourages cellular turnover since new cells are needed to replace the ones removed by its exfoliating treatment. The new cells invigorate the skin, nourishing and hydrating it so it is more smooth and bright, and dark spots, wrinkles and scar tissue become less noticeable.

Ready to Learn More?

Of course, these are just three of many dermaplaning benefits. To learn more about dermaplaning and whether or not you might be a good candidate for it, please contact our team of clinicians at The Institute of Natural Health.  We can review your skin concerns and help you decide on a skincare regimen that has the best potential for giving you the results you desire.

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