Acne Can Be A Problem At Any Age

Written for The Healthy Planet by TJ Williams, DC, PhD

While acne may not seem like a serious problem to some, anyone who has experienced recurrent break-outs can attest to how difficult and stressful acne can be, both socially and professionally. We all know acne can be a problem for teenagers, but adult acne is an increasing epidemic in this country. Common treatments are face washes, creams, gels, and lotions applied topically. The problem is that topical products are likely not going to address the underlying issue that is responsible for the acne developing in the first place.
There are common misconceptions regarding the causes of acne, with unnecessary blame being placed on things like dirty skin and cosmetic products. While poor hygiene may lead to one or two acne breakouts, it alone will not create a pattern of recurrent acne day after day, week after week.

Some things that can have a direct effect on acne by triggering or aggravating an outbreak include hormonal fluctuations and dysfunction within the digestive system. As we age, not only are our hormones changing, our digestive systems are probably not as good as they used to be. Any symptom you have, no matter what it may be, is your body trying to alert you that something is happening within. Just like a fever is oftentimes signaling an infection within your body, acne is a symptom of dysfunction within your body.

Natural approaches to acne include looking beyond the skin itself as the cause of the outbreaks. Utilizing tools such as advanced hormone testing will help to determine if your hormones are out of balance and to identify if your hormones are being metabolized properly. Food sensitivity testing is also an effective way to identify “hidden” causes of acne. In fact, one thing that we at The Institute of Natural Health tell our clients is that our skin is just a reflection of our gut. If our skin is bad, it is likely that our gut and digestive system is bad.

Balancing hormones and/or eliminating foods that may trigger acne can go much farther in stopping acne than any soap, or skin cream could hope. The facial products may help a small outbreak at a specific time, but they can be hard on your skin and, without getting to the root of the problem, the acne will return. We have found that when our clients with acne balance their hormones and correct their dysfunctional digestive system, their acne goes away.

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