A Functional Approach to Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Most people don’t survive their first heart attack. If they do, their chances of having another and succumbing to heart disease skyrockets. Cardiovascular means heart and vessels. The majority of issues with the heart actually come from the connected blood vessels. A heart attack is actually an issue with the tissue due to dysfunction in the vessels. Many Americans are prescribed statins in order to lower their cholesterol and in turn lower the chance of a heart attack. In 2023, more than 40,000,000 Americans were on a statin. The number needed to treat with a statin is 100. You have to treat 100 people in order to prevent just one cardiovascular event. How is that not just chance? The number one cause of death in America is heart disease, so the system put in place clearly isn’t working in best interest.

Patients that come in one with heart issues, I don’t pay that much attention to cholesterol. Conventional medicine puts all their focus on the weight of cholesterol particles, but I believe the size of them matters more. Imagine a room full of beach balls and then a room full of BB’s. You can obviously tell which room would be harder to move through. Another issue is the belief in LDL and HDL being good and bad cholesterol. The human body needs both in order to function otherwise we wouldn’t have it. LDL is carrying things to your liver for healing and HDL is carrying things from your body back to your liver for disposal. When people get on medications that artificially suppress their LDL, they’re making it more difficult for their body to heal.

Some important elements to implement when reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease include diet, vitamin intake (Omega 3, CoQ10, VasoNo), daily movement, drinking lots of water to keep your blood thin and managing stress. Too many Americans are dying from heart disease and conventional medicine isn’t getting to the root of the problem to decrease the numbers. They are great at keeping people alive, but not healthy. At The Institute of Natural Health, we pride ourselves in cutting off from the source and healing patients. We are no stranger to helping those with cardiovascular disease. If you are ready to start your healing journey, you can contact our clinic.

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